Monday, February 11, 2008

You might live to be 100!

Reaching the age of 100 might be easier than you think, even if you have heart disease or diabetes, according to a study published today in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

The surprising finding might be attributable to doctors who aggressively treat older people’s health problems rather than taking an “ageist” approach that assumes they wouldn’t benefit, according to Dr. William Hall of the University of Rochester.

Here’s a link to the Associated Press article at Earthlink:

The study involved more than 500 women and 200 men who had reached 100. While two-thirds of them had avoided significant age-related ailments, the rest had developed an age- related disease before reaching 85, including high blood pressure, heart disease or diabetes.

The AP article also described a second, larger study of men in their 70s who greatly improved their chances of living into their 90s by avoiding smoking, obesity, inactivity, diabetes and high blood pressure. More about that study in my next post.

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