Monday, February 4, 2008

Are you standing in your own shadow?

“Manning moves out of brother Peyton’s shadow.”

The headline, of course, was about Eli Manning and his MVP performance in yesterday’s Super Bowl, leading the New York Giants to a stunning 17-14 upset of the heavily favored New England Patriots.

His brother Peyton was last year’s Super Bowl MVP. Eli for years has been compared, mostly unfavorably, to his older brother. But he demolished all the skepticism about his abilities, and accomplished exactly what his brother had done, with his masterful performances in the season finale against the Patriots, three tough playoff games and this blockbuster.

I was thinking about the power of moving out of someone else’s shadow into your own sunlight. And it occurred to me that a lot of potential rebooters might be standing in their own shadows, the shadows of who they used to be.

If you are, accept a lesson from Eli. Reinvent yourself as your own Most Valuable Player. Reboot yourself into renewed vigor and contribution. Find a new passion.

Who knows, you might even pick up a few endorsements.