Saturday, December 17, 2016

Going back to work as a ‘boomerang’

Boomerang retirees: people who exit gracefully after their career at a company, then return shortly afterward to work there part time.

A growing number of firms are offering programs to bring retired employees back for their knowledge and expertise.

“From the corporate perspective,” Christopher Farrell writes in the New York Times, “it is useful to have experienced hands who can train younger people, pass along institutional wisdom and work with fewer strings attached.” Farrell notes that while formal corporate programs to engage retirees are still relatively rare, “human resource professionals predict that the number of boomerang retiree programs will expand, especially among larger companies with deep pockets.”

Boomerang programs are appearing in the public sector, too. California and other states offer retired employees the opportunity to come back part time, and the federal government has initiated a phased retirement program where hours are cut back but additional retirement benefits can still be earned.

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