Saturday, February 9, 2008

The best thing to recycle – you!

Today I came across a magazine titled “South Bay/Peninsula Natural Pages,” one of several directories published by City Spirit Natural Pages of Lagunitas, California.

The company’s website ( says its directories “are THE place to advertise holistic health, environmentally conscious and socially responsible products and services. We are in our 19th year of publishing natural living directories, and have a combined annual circulation of over one million.”

This Readers Digest-sized magazine has a natural food restaurant guide, a calendar of classes and events (topics range from meditation to fruit tree pruning to contemporary dance), a resource directory for natural living, feature articles, and ads for numerous natural and holistic products and services.

An article on the “conscious consumer” features, among other things, recycling. Recycling has become a way of life over the last 20 or 30 years. We now recycle newspapers, magazines, catalogs, glass and plastic containers, cardboard, computers, cell phones, batteries, scrap metal, and grass and yard clippings. It’s about getting second or additional use from scarce resources.

It dawned on me that is about recycling the scarcest resource of all – us! Recycling ourselves – or reinventing, or rebooting – is all about not throwing ourselves away.

And cycle is a great way to think about moving into a new phase of life. The word comes from the Greek kyklos, meaning cycle, circle or wheel. Wheels, to me, always mean motion, movement. Which is exactly what Rebooting is about – staying in motion, keeping moving.

So, my thought for
today: Don’t throw yourself away just because you’ve finished one cycle. Recycle yourself!

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