Wednesday, February 27, 2008

OK, I'm new at this!

Personal note:

So I missed a couple of responses to my blog. I apologize to those who stopped by and posted comments -- what lousy hospitality on my part!

The days of negligence are over. So please join in and post and I'll welcome your contribution.



Anonymous said...

Hi Lee, looks like an interesting blog. You left a note on mine in ELDR magazine and I would like to hear from your fellow bloggers, if I may. I am currently writing about what happens to people when their plans for retirement suddenly change...for example, you find you must take care of your grandchildren as their parents are ill or unavailable, or you planned an active retirement and your spouse gets a debilitating disease like Parkinsons...I want to know what people are doing in cases like this, how it affects retirment and how it affects the couple as a couple...

Lee Callaway said...


I would love to connect with you and discuss this. Sorry to be late with a response -- I've been head over heels in work lately. Please post again and let me know how to get in touch with you.