Thursday, March 27, 2008

RebootYou social network launched!

Back on Nov. 12, I asked in this blog if rebooters constituted a community. Defined in Wikipedia, a virtual community is:

… a
social network with a common interest, idea, task or goal that interacts in a virtual society across time, geographical and organizational boundaries and is able to develop personal relationships.

I said I hoped to jump start such a community, and asked readers to let me know if they had any ideas on how to do it.

Well, such an idea is now at hand. I’ve started a social network for rebooters at Ning is a platform for social networks, currently hosting thousands of virtual communities in many walks of life.

I invite you to visit the new social community and join in. It’s easy to do – just click and sign up. Hope to see you there – and back here as well!

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