Wednesday, April 9, 2008

You gotta check this out!

OK, no beating around the bush with a long lead-in. Just know that a documentary film, “Young@Heart,” about a group of 80-ish rockers whose singing and dancing smashes the notion of a generation gap, opens today in New York and Los Angeles.

And you can see clips from the movie at this link:

“Young@Heart,” produced by Sally George and released by Fox Searchlight Pictures, is about the Young@Heart chorus, which started as a collective arts project in 1982 at a center for the elderly in Northhampton, Mass.

“The chorus has developed into a popular local ensemble with an international reputation,” says an article in today’s New York Times. “It has made 12 tours of Australia, Europe and Canada and serenaded Norwegian royalty. Accompanying the singers is a solid core of professional rock musicians who help ground their sometimes wavering voices.”

The movie “offers an encouraging vision of old age in which the depression commonly associated with decrepitude is held at bay by music making, camaraderie and a sense of humor.”

The clips at the link above include a music video of the Ramones classic, “I Wanna Be Sedated.” It will definitely “un-sedate” you!

I can’t wait until “Young@Heart” comes to a theater near me!

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