Monday, November 12, 2007

Are Rebooters a "Community?"

I have this idea that rebooters -- people who reinvent themselves after one career and go into another (at any age) constitute a "community." Wikipedia defines a virtual community this way:

A virtual community is a social network with a common interest, idea, task or goal that interacts in a virtual society across time, geographical and organizational boundaries and is able to develop personal relationships.

I'm hoping to jump start such a virtual community of rebooters with my website, I realize that a network doesn't just spring full blown into existence, but has to grow over time. And growth is really slow when the numbers are small. So I need to figure out how to get more people involved.

Any and all ideas would be welcome!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lee Cal,

I think you have a great idea for a niche blog. One of the most unique I've seen around (I read people's blogs as a hobby, haha).

Let me tell you how I arrived here to give you an idea of how people find you : I used BlogSearch on Google and keyed in "purpose for living" as a random reading idea and landed in your blog.

Dunno if you have tried these (Blog Community Networks):
1. My Blog Log
2. Blog Catalog
3. Fuel My Blog
4. Pijoo

There's many more out there but these are really, really popular, which means lots of people! Yay!

You can start a "Reboot You Community" and describe it a little, so that people can join. And there's nice colorful widgets where you can stick in your blog on the sidebar where people can click to join, and you can opt for their faces to appear, it's funny.

I don't recall seeing any that's close to your idea (but I don't know everything), so I think you are somewhat a pioneer.

Congrats on the start of your blogging journey. I'll pop by on and off to read your cool stuff. :)


Lee Callaway said...


Don't know if you're still reading, but I hope you are.

Thanks for your post. I missed it earlier.

I'll check out the blog community networks. They may be just what I need to get more traffic.

And thanks for the nice comments. Please stop in again some time!